Ammunition Straight Bourbon Whiskey - Cask Strength

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Finished in Ammunition Cabernet Sauvignon Barrels. 

This bourbon truly finishes with complex chocolate cherries, subtle tannins and a noteworthy, sweet nose. Expect notes of sweet corn throughout. Pour a glass neat or on the rocks, pair it with a cigar, and let the good times roll.

This is a 4-year-old Bourbon, finished for 6 months in French Bordeaux wine barrels which previously held Ammunition Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon.

Special mash bill of 70% Corn, 20% Rye, 10% Malted Barley


Fruit was sourced from the historic Auntsfield Vineyard in the Ben Morven Valleyand The Wrekin Vineyard at the head of the Brancott Valley. A mixture of clones 5,114, 115, 667, 777 and Abel are grown on wind-blown, loess clay soils overlying greywacke bedrock that typify the sub-region. A combination of low yields, organic and biodynamic practices allow the vines to ripen beautiful, black bunches of intensely flavoured fruit.

Picked over three weeks starting mid-March, the fruit was harvested by hand and transported to the winery where it was chilled overnight. The majority of fruit was carefully destemmed into small fermentation vessels while a portion of whole-bunch fruit was also included. After several days cold-soaking on skins, the fermentation spontaneously commenced by indigenous yeast and was followed by gentle, daily hand-plunging. Followingfermentation, the wine was drained off skins and transferred to a combination ofFrench oak puncheons and barrels.The wine was aged in oak for 11 months before being transferred out just in time for the 2023 harvest. Each batch was kept separate until June when the blend was assembled and settled prior to bottling in July.

  • Region Vineyards: 

Auntsfield – Ben Morven – loess clay, greywacke

The Wrekin – Brancott Valley – loess clay, greywacke

  • Year: 2023
  • Alcohol By Volume: 13.5%
  • PH: 3.77
  • Tasting Notes: An ethereal, perfumed Pinot Noir hailing from Marlborough’s Southern Valleys. Replete with an enticing combination of raspberries, rose petal and red plum compote, underpinned by an elegant, finely structured tannin profile, with hints of cinnamon-clove spice and a dry, earthy finish.

Scores and Awards

Cameron Douglas: 94 Points (2022)

Vinous: 90 Points (2022)

The Tasting Panel: 96 Points (2020)