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Celebrating the American West

Ammunition Wine celebrates an ethos of hard work, the pursuit of excellence and an intrinsic desire to live life to the fullest. Our shared American heritage, our relentlessly independent spirit, and respect for the tradition of Western farmers are at the core of what we do.

Our goal is to ensure that every drop of Ammunition represents a unique perspective on the very best that California has to offer. Quality Never Misses.

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Bottle of Ammunition Wine with steak and a glass of wine.
Flat lay bottle with tasting notes.
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2 bottles of Ammunition Cabernet Sauvignon on fireplace hearth.
A flat lay bottle of Ammunition Cabernet Sauvignon surrounded by tasting notes.
Ammunition Pinot Noir with Charcuterie Board
Flat lay bottle of Ammunition Pinot Noir with tasting notes


Ammunition Pinot Noir