While we've always been whiskey enthusiasts, crafting one of our own was a new challenge altogether. But, in typical Ammunition fashion, we dove down the rabbit hole in an effort to create something we'd be proud to share with anyone.

It wasn't enough to create just another whiskey. From the world-class grains to the hand-crafted finished product, if it was meant to bear the Ammunition name, then it had to be truly unique and it had to be

It took 4 years of distilling, blending, experimenting, arguing, and laughing, but Ammunition Bourbon and Rye were worth the wait.

Our secret sauce is to finish our unique blend of whiskeys in barrels that once housed our Ammunition wines. Finishing in precise combinations of those French oak casks is critical to the depth of flavor and nuanced finish that you'll only find with both Ammunition Bourbon and Rye.

In the true tradition of the American West we're blazing new trails, never satisfied with the status quo.

As we always say, "Quality Never Misses".

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Wine glass, bottle of screen door Chardonnay, and nectarines.
Flat lay bottle of Screen Door Cellars Chardonnay surrounded by tasting notes.

Screen Door

Screen Door Chardonnay

Screen Door Cellars Pinot Noir Label

Screen Door

Screen Door Pinot Noir