We’ve already covered the best in rye and American single malts for 2021. But of all the branches in the American Whiskey tree currently seeing energetic growth, this just might be the most exciting.

Attributed largely to David Stewart’s work at The Balvenie adding a second aging to his single malts, the concept of “finishes” — complimenting an aged spirit with a second aging in a different wood to affect flavor profiles — has in the last half-decade become the driving force for innovation.

And American whiskies, across categories, have not only embraced the concept but are taking it as far as any other category on the planet. With nearly every label beginning to offer such finishes, we went through dozens to select our favorites.

Whether it’s a gift to a loved one with very good taste, or for yourself to celebrate another successful whirl around the sun, here are our best new American whiskey for 2021: second finishes.

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