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The Break of Daylight

Daylight is the shared vision of two guys who had a dream of making wine and spirits on their own terms.

After some not-so-careful consideration, they pooled some money together and made it happen. Andy was born and raised in Sonoma County where he started working harvests and interning to get a “cellar degree”. Meanwhile, Bill was doing design work for a few other wineries, when a mutual friend introduced them. They hit it off right away and never looked back.


Paddling Against the Stream

Daylight’s core is about challenging conventions and following our own compass. We are uncompromising on quality and passionate about storytelling. Daylight’s winemaking team believes great wines start in the vineyard and grapes are truly the ammunition to crafting premium, award-winning wines at an accessible price point. The company combines traditional practices and innovative, unique techniques to deftly create wines and spirits that are both true to their source and uniquely Daylight Wines & Spirits.

Every drop of every product we produce represents our uncommon (and admittedly, at times, obsessive) pursuit of perfection.

We make wine and spirits for people.
Not critics.

Ammunition Wines Founders Bill Kerr and Andy Wahl


Bill Kerr

Co-founder & Brand Director

After years of working with other companies to tell their stories and develop their brands, Bill decided it was time to do his own thing. Anything that is Daylight Wine & Spirits-branded, from labels to this website, has Bill’s fingerprints all over it.

A native of Hastings, Nebraska, he now resides in Sonoma County with his wife Kristy.

Andy Wahl

Co-founder, GM & Director of Winemaking

Andy is the primary reason things stay on-track around here. If you ever need to talk with someone about buying our products, he’s your guy. In addition to managing the Daylight Wine & Spirits sales team, Andy also leads the winemaking team.

Before co-founding Daylight Wine & Spirits, Andy spent long hours in a cubicle as a CPA here in the Bay Area. A native of Sonoma County, Andy and his wife Sarah live in Alameda with their daughter Harper and their son Hudson.


Our home.

Oh So Sonoma

There’s a reason we built our home in Sonoma. Besides being the gateway to one of the best multi-AVA wine regions in the world, Sonoma has a special ability to hold onto its past while looking to the future.

Bill affectionately refers to Sonoma as “America’s Town”. Meet us at the Tuesday night farmer’s market or our 4th of July parade, and you’ll see why.

As most of our friends know, Andy is a big nerd when it comes to history. Sonoma’s historical significance as the capital of the California Republic provides the perfect backdrop for our relentlessly independent brand, and gives Andy a great excuse to talk about history with our customers (engage at your own risk).

Quite simply, this is home.

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